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Hello I'm Hafsa

The essence of my work is to facilitate self-healing and self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life so that you can overcome them with confidence. I specialise in creating personalised services or plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals.

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  • Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • Life CoachSpiritualCertified

  • Certified Mindfulness Coach

  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach

  • Certified Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Practitioner 

  • Meditation Practitioner 


  • Certified MD of Alternative Medicine

  • Practitioner Diploma in Massage  Therapy

  • Sports Massage

  • Master of Myofascial Clinical Cupping

  • Diploma  in Pathology

  • Pre and Post Natal Massage

  • Certified mediation Teacher

  • Reiki Master & Sufi Energy Medicine

  • Master Practitioner EFT/ TFT

  • Sound Healing & Sound Therapy



  • 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher - Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha

  • 10+ years Dance

  • Wing chung

  • Energy flow 


My Story
Everything is Energy

After leaving a toxic lifestyle of being in the music business for 10 years, I hit a roadblock in my life. It was not until I started my own spiritual journey that I understood my purpose as a healer.  I went back to my roots studied alternative medicine and was awakened by a sense of purpose to be of service and share my gifts. Everything is connected and can be healed with the right knowledge and tools. The techniques I developed in my own healing were so successful that friends and family began asking me for help with their own challenges.


Sufi Healing

Im a natural born healer, that started noticing my intuitive abilities at the age of 5. I've always been committed to helping others to create positive change in their lives which is why I got into the field of holistic medicine and coaching because integrated is POWERFUL!

My style of healing comes from a Sufi background. Sufi healing comes from Sufism; an Islamic school of thought that encourages man to search for his inner self if he wants to find the Divine or God within.

Love is the essence of life and Sufism advocates for the transformative abilities of love. Every negative emotion and every traumatic experience we go through leaves a bitter taste in our hearts. With time this bitterness turns into poison and affects our whole body not only mentally but physically too. Sufi love heals this bitterness by soothing negative emotions and clearing the energy.

I'm compassionate and caring and tailor all my treatments to meet the needs of every individual worldwide, ensuring they are happy and confident with the results.

I specialise in 2 techniques that I have mastered and developed over a span of 7 years. 


1) Energy medicine with Spiritual Coaching;  for clarity, spiritual growth, healing from trauma,  overcoming fears, old injuries, fertility, stress, depression, anxiety. Using talk therapy, energy medicine, hypnosis, EFT and other techniques.

2) Integrated Bodywork + Body Memory; for mobility issues, chronic pain, stiffness, tension, and stress. It is a combination of soft tissue manipulation, medical massage, deep tissue,  trigger points, myofascial release, stretch therapy, cupping, IASTM, electronic acupuncture or EMS, and energy medicine( also for  psychosomatic issues - the release of stored energy or bodymemory)


Hafsa started her first practice in London and currently resides in Hong Kong.  She has had extensive experience providing a range of low cost & free therapies and wellbeing activities for people experiencing stress-related illnesses or mental health concerns that are on benefits or low income. She is also a Mental Health Ambassador for MindHK having had overcome her own personal mental health struggles growing up. Now she leads the way in helping others overcome their challenges whether physical/mental or spiritual. Hafsa's compassion, love, focus , determination, techniques and her zen but rock n roll approach to life sets her apart from others. 


"Hafsa is an incredible healer, her energy is warm and welcoming. As soon as I lay down, her soothing voice kept me grounded and calm. She talks through some imagery about my past and present and helped me unblock and clear negative patterns that don’t serve me. After her session, I felt energised and renewed. I took her advice to look within and I am slowly seeing changes around me".


Let’s Work Together

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