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My Healing Philosophy  
Go With Your Flow -

 Integral and Integrative approach to Health & Wellbeing 


My Approach:

An integration of Talk Therapies, Energy Medicine and Physical Bodywork when needed

An integral patient focused whole body approach to health and wellbeing. All factors that influence physical health, mental health, wellness, and disease are taken into consideration. It focuses on the cause and not just the symptom.



Energy is the root of creation which can be manipulated in its mass form (Physically Body),  in its thought form (Mentally & Emotional Body) and in its etheric form (Spiritual Body). Treatments & Coaching addresses the whole person, body, mind, and spirit using complementary and alternative medicine.


Go With Your Flow:

You are intrinsically unique. Your lifestyle choices, past experiences, diet, values, and beliefs are all factors that affect your present condition.


Go With Your Flow’ simply means to reach optimal well-being by going at your souls' natural pace. The starting point is your relationship with yourself and with life.


Basis of Flow:

Cultivating your spirituality is a big part of my healing philosophy that derives from the love and heart-centred wisdom of Sufism because, spirituality gives you a foundation of knowledge, faith, values and morals to live by. True spiritual evolution lies in experiencing divinity in everything and seeing divinity in everyone. You do not need to belong to a faith system but you need to be open to understanding what faith, love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and patience truly means.


Whether you are dealing with trauma, an old injury, depression, anxiety, or are finding it hard to stay motivated, focused and purposeful; healing starts from within. I will REPROGRAM all toxic patterns , RESTRUCTURE  your lifestyle, habits and physical health, RECONFIGURE what your goals are and shift the flow  of the 3 most important aspect of self


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